Bowman Society

The Bowman Society Lecture Series commenced in 2005 through the generous support of Dr. James E. Bowman, Professor Emeritus in the Departments of Pathology and Medicine, and the Biological Sciences Division's first tenured African-American Professor. Dr. Bowman's legacy is one of excellence and distinguished service.

The Bowman Society seeks to honor Dr. Bowman's legacy by bringing the University community together to focus attention on scholarship that is important to the health care of minority communities and to provide support and career development to individuals at all levels of training in order to support multicultural diversity in the Biological Sciences Division. Check the Calendar of Events for the next Bowman Society event.

Since its inception in 2005, Bowman Society lecturers have included:


  • Raynard Kington, MD, PhD, MBA, President, Grinnell College
  • Rochelle Naylor, MD, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, The University of Chicago
  • Keith Naylor, MD, Clinical Instructor of Medicine, The University of Chicago
  • Milda Saunders, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine, The University of Chicago


  • Monica Peek, MD, MPH, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Associate Director, Chicago Center for Diabetes Translational Research
  • John Lumpkin, MD, MPH, Senior Vice-President and Director of Targeted Teams for the Robert Wood Johnson Health Care Group
  • Karen Kim, MD, MS, Professor of Medicine, Dean for Faculty Affairs for the Division of the Biological Sciences of the University of Chicago
  • Derek Robinson, MD, MBA, Executive Director of Institute for Innovations in Care and Quality at the Illinois Hospital Association


  • Daniel E. Dawes, JD, Executive Director of Health Policy and External Affairs, Morehouse School of Medicine
  • Regina Dixon-Reeves, PhD, Faculty Diversity/Development Specialist, University of Chicago Medicine and Biological Sciences
  • Dr. Regina M. Benjamin, United States Surgeon General
  • Dr. C. Sola Olopade, Clinical Director for the Global Health Initiative and Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, University of Chicago


  • Dr. Keith C. Norris, Executive Vice President for Research and Health Affairs, Charles R. Drew University of Medicine & Science
  • Aida L. Maisonet Giachello, PhD, Department of Preventive Medicine, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
  • Dr. Sonja Boone, Department of Medicine, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine


  • Dr. Christopher Gomez, Albina Y. Surbis Professor and Chairman, Department of Neurology, University of Chicago
  • Dr. William A. McDade, Associate Professor of Anesthesia and Critical Care, Deputy Provost for Research and Minority Issues, University of Chicago


  • Dr. Ernest Mhoon, Professor of Surgery, Section of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery, University of Chicago
  • Dr. Herman A. Taylor, Jr., Professor of Medicine at University of Mississippi Medical Center, Director/Principal Investigator of the Jackson Heart Study
  • Dawnavan Davis, PhD, Research Assistant Professor and Director of the Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) Program, University of Colorado
  • Dr. Doriane Miller, Director of the Center for Community Health and Vitality, University of Chicago
  • Dr. Otis Brawley, Chief Medical and Scientific Officer and Executive Vice President of the American Cancer Society
  • Dr. Cynthia Boyd, Associate Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer, Rush University Medical Center


  • Dr. Melissa Gilliam, Associate Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology, University of Chicago
  • Dr. Anita Blanchard, Associate Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology, University of Chicago
  • Dr. Julius Few, Founder of the Few Institute for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Clinical Associate Professor, University of Chicago
  • Dr. Robert Higgins, Professor and Chairman, Cardiovascular-Thoracic Surgery, Rush University Medical Center
  • Dr. Robert Winn, Associate Professor of Medicine and Senior Medical Director at the University of Colorado Multidisciplinary Pulmonary Clinic


  • Dr. Waldo E. Johnson, Jr., Associate Professor at the School of Social Service Administration and Director of the Center for the Study of Race, Politics, and Culture, University of Chicago
  • Dr. David Wilkes, Dr. Calvin H. English Professor of Medicine, Microbiology, and Immunology at the Indiana University School of Medicine
  • Dr. Matthew Wynia, MPH, Director of the Institute for Ethics at the American Medical Association
  • Dr. Neil R. Powe, Distinguished University Service Professor of Medicine at the Johns Hopkins University


  • Dr. Kim A. Williams, Professor of Medicine and Radiology and Director of Nuclear Cardiology at the University of Chicago
  • Dr. Eric Whitaker, MD '93, Director of the Illinois Department of Public Health
  • Dr. Robert Hoover, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Section of Nephrology, University of Chicago
  • Dr. Lisa A. Cooper, Professor of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine


  • Dr. Joe G.N. (Skip) Garcia, Chairman of Medicine, The University of Chicago
  • Dr. John Ellis, Vice President of the Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists Research Foundation; Adjunct Professor of Anesthesia and Critical Care, School of Medicine of the University of Pennsylvania
  • Dr. Ian Smith '97, Medical Contributor to "The View", Host of Healthwise on American Urban Radio Networks
  • Dr. Raphael Lee, Professor of Surgery, Section of Plastic Surgery, University of Chicago
  • Dr. Donald Hopkins, Associate Executive Director, Health Programs, The Carter Center
  • Dr. Rick Kittles, Associate Professor of Medicine in the Section of Genetic Medicine, University of Chicago


  • Dr. Jeannette Newton-Keith, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Department of Medicine, University of Chicago
  • Dr. Griffin Rodgers, Deputy Director of the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases
  • Dr. Harold Freeman, Founder and Medical Director of the Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care and Prevention
  • Dr. Funmi Olopade, Director, Center for Clinical Cancer Genetics of the University of Chicago; 2005 MacArthur Foundation Fellow

Professional titles reflect position at the time of the event.


Dr. James E. Bowman


I’m overwhelmed by the recognition of my colleagues and the interest shown by faculty, residents, and students through their consistent and increasing attendance. The Bowman Society lectures offered this year were superb.—James E. Bowman, MD, Professor Emeritus, Departments of Medicine and Pathology