Chief Resident Round-Up

Of the many ways in which recent Pritzker alumni can be acknowledged for their achievements, election to the role of Chief Resident is one of the most notable. The Pritzker School of Medicine is proud to announce the following members of our alumni community who will be serving as Chief Residents beginning in July 2008:

Afshan Ahmad

Afshan Ahmad, MD’05
New York University Medical Center

Pat Basu

Pat Basu, MD’05, MBA’05
Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology
Stanford University

Deanna Kasperski

Deanna Kasperski, MD’06
Internal Medicine
University of California, Los Angeles

Joe Ogarek

Joe Ogarek, MD’06
Emergency Medicine
University of Chicago Medical Center

Katherine Sparger

Katherine Sparger, MD’06
Children’s Hospital Boston

Stephanie Takahashi

Stephanie Takahashi, MD’06
Internal Medicine
University of Chicago Medical Center

Megan Young

Megan Young, MD’06
Internal Medicine
Boston University
Boston Medical Center

Jennifer Zumsteg

Jennifer Zumsteg, MD’05
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
University of Washington Medical Center