Unique Features of Our School


Obviously the students here are very intelligent – that goes without saying – but the diversity here is just incredible. The student population is drawn from every corner of the country, from a vast number of majors and experiences, and it just made me feel like this is a place where I could go and continue to grow and learn so much, not just about medicine but about the rest of the world because my classmates have really truly experienced so much.
- Walter Conwell, Pritzker Class of 2007

The University of Chicago is committed to training future leaders who will contribute broadly to society. This commitment is reflected in the class composition which is highly diverse in racial and ethnic background, geographic origin, age, undergraduate and graduate college and field of study.

Pritzker School of Medicine students come from a wide variety of experiences, backgrounds and cultures. A typical class at the Pritzker School of Medicine will represent 35 different home states, and 3-5 foreign countries. Approximately 15-18% of the class will be made up of under represented minorities. The entering class will have completed over 40 different undergraduate majors and about half of the class will have taken one or more years off between undergraduate and medical school to work, travel, volunteer or pursue another graduate degree.

Walter Conwell