Career Advising at Pritzker

The Pritzker School of Medicine incorporates career advising and professional development into all aspects of students' medical education. For a visual, detailed overview of the Pritzker program, please view our Career Advising at Pritzker (CAP) Roadmap.

Careers in Medicine Program

Modeled after the AAMC Careers in Medicine Program,The Office of Student Programs provides students with tailored career development workshops and symposia throughout the academic year. These symposia are designed to follow the AAMC Careers in Medicine career development model, which consists of:

  1. Understanding Yourself
  2. Exploring Options
  3. Choosing a Specialty
  4. Getting Into Residency

Students are encouraged to begin their career assessment through the AAMC Careers in Medicine online program. Students need a log-in number to participate, which you will receive at the beginning of the academic year. Please save this ID.

Career Advising at Pritzker (CAP Sessions)

Career Advising Sessions are held throughout the year. These consist of panel discussions with physicians from various specialties who discuss career options, ways in which students may explore the field further, and ways to enhance their application portfolio

Career Advisors

During the third and fourth year of medical school, Pritzker Students attend one on one meetings with their advisors. Pritzker Students are assigned a career advisor based on their participation in the Pritzker Societies.


Pritzker students participate in career development symposia and orientations throughout their four years at Pritzker