Pritzker Ombudsmen

Meet the Pritzker Ombudsmen

Anne Hong, MD
Department of Medicine

Contact Information (in preferred order):
Email: (preferred)
Tel: (773) 702-4585
Pager: #9568
Office: L325


Steven Zangan, MD
Department of Radiology

Contact Information (in preferred order):
Pager: #2816
Tel: 773-702-3844
Office: Q-209

What is an Ombudsman?

Every member of the University - student, faculty, and staff - makes a commitment to strive for personal and academic integrity; to treat others with dignity and respect and to honor the rights and property of others. From time to time issues may arise that are not in keeping with our commitment to this goal.

Pritzker School of Medicine faculty members are appointed as Student Ombudsmen to serve as student advocates and facilitators within the University of Chicago Academic Medical Center when these issues occur. The Pritzker Ombudsmen are chosen because they are neutral, third party physicians who are not otherwise involved with the academic promotion or evaluation of Pritzker students. All interactions with either Ombudsman are confidential.

What Do Ombudsmen Do?

The Ombudsmen are available to serve as a sounding board for students as well as to investigate and resolve complaints of student mistreatment, and/or abuses involving indiscretion. These incidents may occur in the classroom, hospital setting or at school-sponsored events, and may involve other students, staff, or faculty. The Ombudsmen will work with students to explore options, suggest resources and, if warranted, to call attention to the appropriate faculty members and administrators. Student identities will not be revealed unless the student specifically gives either ombudsman permission to do so.

If you feel you may have been subjected to or have concerns related to sexual harassment, please contact the Pritzker Ombudsmen or any University Officials listed on the Sexual Harassment, Assault, and Offence website.

Other Resources for Students

Academic Questions: Students who have a question relating to academic issues (academic progress or performance, learning issues, evaluations) should contact Dr. Halina Brukner, Associate Dean for Medical School Education.

Career Advising: Students with career-related questions are encouraged to contact their career advisor or Dr. Jim Woodruff, Associate Dean of Students.

Student FAQs: For answers to other commonly asked questions, please visit Student FAQs