Potential MeSH Faculty Advisors

Scholars from The University of Chicago have played key roles in the origins of such interdisciplinary fields as Health Administration, Health Services and Medical Ethics. Following in this tradition, below is just a sampling of the many faculty advisors whose current research lies at the intersection of health, medicine and the social sciences. Follow the links below for a listing of faculty members and their research interests:

Anesthesia & Critical Care

Steven Small, MD Patient safety, quality improvement


Jean Comaroff, PhD Sociocultural anthropology, ritual medicine, the body


Gary Becker, PhD Economic analysis of education, family, discrimination and addiction
Robert Fogel, PhD Economic & Demographic history

Health Studies

Kathleen Cagney, PhD Sociology of Race and Aging, provision of long-term care
Larry Casalino, MD, PhD Health policy, managed care
Diane Lauderdale, PhD Epidemiology, ethnicity & health
Paul Rathouz, PhD Biostatistics
Ronald Thisted, PhD Biostatistics, epidemiology, statistical computation, medical effectiveness


Richard Epstein Legal and economic analysis of health legislation and markets
Richard Posner Legal and economic analysis of health behaviors and institutions


Caleb Alexander, MD Medical Professionalism, pharmaceutical regulation
Marshall Chin, MD, PhD Community-based research, quality of care
Farr Curlin, MD Spirituality in Medicine, medical ethics
William Dale, MD, PhD Medical decision making, Behavioral Economics, Geriatrics
Christopher Masi MD, PhD Socioeconomic and racial disparities in health, community health
David Meltzer MD, PhD Health economics, cost-effectiveness analysis, economic demography
Mark Siegler, MD Doctor-patient relationship, clinical ethics, organ transplant; death & dying
Dan Sulmasy, MD, PhD Medical ethics, spirituality and medicine

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Stacy Lindau, MD Sexuality and aging, women's health


Lainie Ross, MD, PhD Pediatric ethics, ethics of genetics, ethics of human experimentation

Philosophy/Divinity School

Willliam Wimsatt, PhD Philosophy of science, evolutionary biology.
Arnold Davidson, PhD History and philosophy of psychiatry and medicine


Martha McClintock, PhD Social and behavioral neuralscience, behavioral neuroendocrinology and immunology
Robert Richards, PhD History and philosophy of psychology and biology
Richard Shweder, PhD Psychological anthropology and cultural psychology

Public Policy

Willard Manning, PhD Health insurance and payment systems, mental health economics
Robert Michael, PhD Sexual behavior, economics of education and family, measurement of poverty
Colm O'Muircheartaigh, PhD Nursing home quality, health surveys
Tomas Philipson PhD Health economics, health behaviors and infectious disease, research design

Sociology/Social Thought

Edward Laumann, PhD Social networks and sexual behavior
Linda Waite, PhD Social demography, health effects of marriage
Leon Kass, MD, PhD Medical ethics

School of Social Service Administration

Collen Grogan, PhD Health policy and politics, politics of the welfare state
Harold Pollack, PhD Health economics, mental health and substance abuse, medical decision analysis
David Meltzer

Pritzker offers an unparalleled opportunity to combine medicine with the social sciences. I'm able to work with people in all these different disciplines that in another University would be miles away…but here we work together on a daily basis.- David Meltzer, MD'93, PhD'92 (Economics), Co-Director, MD-PhD Program in Medicine, the Social Sciences, and Humanities