The 2017 Match

On Friday, March 17, medical students around the country opened their Match envelopes to find out where they would spend the next phase of their career: residency. Pritzker students gathered in the P-117 auditorium for a celebratory ceremony, and at 11:01 am CDT, the hall filled with the sounds of envelopes being ripped open—followed by a chorus of cheers. The most popular specialties chosen this year by Pritzker students were Internal Medicine (19), Pediatrics and Pediatric-related specialties (10), Emergency Medicine and Anesthesiology (8 each), Psychiatry (5), and General Surgery and Otolaryngology (4 each).

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Pritzker students will be traveling to all reaches of the country for their residency training. The hospitals accepting the most Pritzker recruits to their categorical/advanced programs were University of Chicago Medical Center and University of Chicago (13), the University of California affiliated-programs (10), Harvard-affiliated programs (6), Northwestern University (5), and New York University and the University of Michigan (4 each).

Congrats, Class of 2017!

Photo by Joel Wintermantle

View the anonymized list of 2017 Match results.

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What our students will be doing...

Top 5 most popular specialties:

Specialty Number Percentage
Internal Medicine 25 30%
Pediatrics 10 11%
Emergency Medicine
8 9%
Psychiatry 5 6%
General Surgery
4 5%

For a more detailed list, click on the anonymized Match results link above.

Where our students will be going...

Top 5 most popular programs:

Program State Number
University of Chicago Medicine IL 13
University of California-Affiliated Programs CA 10
Harvard-Affiliated Programs MA 6
Northwestern-Affiliated Programs IL 5
New York University
University of Michigan

For a more detailed list, click on the anonymized Match results link above.