An Alumnus and a Faculty Member Investigate the Wage Gap

In this past Monday's New York Times, a midday article reverberated throughout the academic medical world: "Dr. Paid Less: An Old Title Still Fits Female Physicians."

Dr. JenaReporting on a paper published in JAMA Internal Medicine by lead author and alumnus Anupam B. Jena, MD'09, PhD'06, the article outlined the persistent and troubling wage gap between male and female physicians, both within specialties and in general.


Dr. AroraOur own Vineet Arora, MD, AM'03, Associate Professor of Medicine, wrote an editorial in JAMA Internal Medicine to accompany Dr. Jena's article. "Fixing the pay gap between male and female physicians in academic medicine requires more than just studies showing that it exists;" she wrote. "...Concerted efforts are needed to understand and eliminate the gap. Fixing the gap will also require the courage and leadership of women academic physicians... to advocate to eliminate it. It is time that the 'woman card' be worth the same amount as the 'man card.'"

We are proud that Drs. Jena and Arora are contributing to this important discussion, and hope their words inspire progress and change.