Tony Montag, MD, Wins Annual Faculty Clinician Peer Role Model Award

We are proud to announce that Tony Montag, MD, Professor of Pathology and Associate Dean for Admissions, has been chosen as the recipient of the 10th annual Faculty Clinician Peer Role Model Award. The award recognizes the physician faculty member who best exemplifies the qualities of medical professionalism: dedication to serving the interest of the patient and maintaining the highest standards of professional competence and integrity. Dr. Montag was chosen for this award through a survey of his peers, where he got a record number of votes.

Dr. Montag’s fellow physician peers were effusive in their praise. One wrote, “Dr. Montag models professionalism and kindness with everyone he meets. He works tirelessly for his patients, delights in teaching medical students and residents, and has united the faculty of the Pritzker Admissions Committees under the vision of recruiting kind and empathic medical students who not only have extraordinary potential, but have a desire to serve the suffering.” Another stated, “He would do anything for a friend, a patient, or a colleague, and he would do it with a smile and without any expectation.  He has the purest motives for all he does, and he has made the Pritzker community better for being here.” He will be presented with this award later this spring in a ceremony at the DCAM on June 12, at 4:30 pm.

In addition, Dr. Montag announced his retirement last month. He will continue to help with admissions interviews and pathology education, though on his own schedule. At an Admissions reception on May 9, 2018, Dr. Montag was presented with his very own interview report—a nod to his seven years of service as Associate Dean for Admissions, and a way for those at Pritzker and at UChicago Medicine to showcase their gratitude for his service. “Almost 10 years ago (before I was even sure I wanted to pursue Medicine) I ran into Dr. Montag and he told me that he expected to see my application in a few years. Those words stuck with me, and in retrospect, exemplified the character of what I've come to know of the faculty, staff, and students of Pritzker,” one student wrote. A staff member added, “In every single interaction that I’ve had with Dr. Montag he has taught me something, whether he realizes it or not.” His “fit for Pritzker” has always been excellent, and he will leave a lasting memory in our halls. We wish him the best on his future adventures!