First Year Electives

First Year Spring Elective Requirement

100 units of elective credit is required in the spring quarter of the first year of medical studies. To fulfill this requirement, students can select elective courses and/or the option of a faculty sponsored independent study. To fulfill the requirements of Scholarship & Discovery, first year students will either need to take a Scholarship & Discovery track elective or complete the Summer Research preparatory requirement. 

Additionally, students who participate in the Summer Research Program will apply 50 units gained from their preparatory requirement towards the spring elective requirement. This will fulfill the Scholarship & Discovery requirement.

For every 100 credits that students elect to take, they should anticipate spending a minimum of 10 hours per week on that elective. Students may take more than 100 credits. All courses are graded Pass/Fail.

Elective courses may be taken outside of the BSD for a Pass/Fail grade with instructor approval.

Frequently Asked Questions

Elective Courses

In early March, first year students will receive a link to an online registration system for spring elective courses. Any course that is not in the registration list or is marked 'Consent Only' in its description can be added by sending a email confirming the course number, course title, and the consent from the department or the faculty offering the course.  The consent must be returned to Maureen Okonski

2018 Deadline to add an elective: Monday, March 26, 2018.

Readings, Research, and Independent Study Preceptorships

First year students may also fulfill their spring elective requirement by taking a Readings, Research course, and/or an Independent Study preceptorship. Students need to locate and make project arrangements directly with a sponsoring faculty member.

To register for Readings, Research, and/or Independent Study courses please use the Preceptorship/Independent Study Proposal. The proposal form needs to be confirmed by the sponsoring faculty member via email to Maureen Okonski. A comprehensive description of the research or project needs to included in order for it to be evaluated. The proposal will then be reviewed to determine the number of units it will receive. Please allow a week for review.  Results will be communicated via email.

Courses in Another Division

  • Go to to browse courses in other divisions. 
  • While students are able to take courses in another division, either an email confirmation from the instructor or an add/drop form signed by the instructor will be needed to be brought to Maureen Okonski, BSLC 104Q, to have the course count towards the Spring Elective Requirement.   
  • Please check with the division offering the course to ensure the course is open to students outside their division. Please be aware that many courses have time requirements that are not conducive to your Pritzker schedule.
  • Registering for business school courses: Chicago Booth School of Business courses are open to students in other divisions starting 9:00am Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday of the second week of the spring quarter.  Registration is first-come, first-served and is performed in person (no stand ins or sign up sheets) at the Dean of Students Office in the business school building. Students must show their UChicago ID when registering.  Anticipate long lines on Tuesday morning.  View more details.