Advising Societies

All students are assigned to one of eight Career Advisors through their membership in one of the four Pritzker Societies: Coggeshall Society, DeLee Society, Huggins Society, and Rowley Society. The four Pritzker Societies are named for key figures who made seminal contributions to research, clinical care, and education at the University of Chicago.

The Pritzker Societies provide a context and opportunity for gaining advice over time from a broad array of individuals, ranging from peers to faculty. Each Society contains a balanced number of students drawn from each class, breaking down barriers between classes and promoting peer-to-peer layered mentoring.

The ultimate goals of the Pritzker Societies are to provide career advice and guidance, to help make resources easily and readily accessible, and to foster a sense of community within the larger Pritzker School of Medicine community.

Look for events sponsored by the Pritzker Societies on the Calendar of Events.

Society Leaders can add a new event using the Society Event Request Form.