Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society

The University of Chicago is home to the Illinois Beta Chapter of Alpha Omega Alpha, the national medical honor society. Election to the chapter occurs at the beginning of Pritzker students’ fourth year.

To ensure that the selection of students to AΩA is fair and inclusive, a committee, appointed by the Dean for Medical Education, uses a holistic review process to identify the top quartile of the class, who are considered AΩA -eligible. From the eligible group, 1/6 of the class is then selected for membership in AΩA. The AΩA constitution calls on the committee to consider not only scholastic achievement but also capacity for leadership, professionalism, a strong sense of ethics, and a commitment to service in the school and community, along with outstanding achievement in research. The selection of AΩA eligible students is  based on three criteria:

  1. Clerkship performance, as determined by clerkship grades;
  2. Peer assessment, as determined by an end-of-academic-year survey in which MS3 students are asked anonymously to nominate their peers with whom they have worked hard during clinical rotations who have excelled in mastery of the subject material, leadership capabilities, ethical standards, fairness in dealing with colleagues, demonstrated professionalism, and potential for achievement in medicine (to be deployed in future years);
  3. Research, volunteerism, and institutional activities.

The process by which students are selected for AΩA is reviewed at least every other year to track progress towards achieving fair and unbiased selection.

Read the AOA Task Force's recommendations.

Faculty/Resident & Fellow/Alumni Criteria

Once elected, ΑΩΑ Students confer ΑΩΑ membership onto selected alumni, faculty and residents. They select these members based on the following criteria:

  • Resident & Fellow Membership: elected based on continued achievement, promise and leadership qualities;
  • Alumni: eligible ten years or more following graduation and judged on the basis of their achievement to date;
  • Faculty: elected based on their demonstrated commitment to scholarly excellence and medical education;
  • ΑΩΑ Inductees also bestow the annual Volunteer Clinical Faculty Award to recognize a community physician who contributes with distinction to the education and training of clincal students.

For more information, visit the National ΑΩΑ Website.

2018-19 University of Chicago Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society Inductees

Anya Bershad, PhD Kate Leonard
Riley Brian Suellen Li
Michael Fishman Cheyenne Smith
Emily Foltz Jared Sokol
Natalie Francis Alex Spacht
Palmer Greene Nora Taranto
Michael Harries, MAT Cindy Zhang
Matthew Jones, DPhil  

2018-19 Faculty/Resident & Fellow/Alumni Membership

Faculty, Residents, Fellows, and Alumni membership to Pritzker's Alpha Omega Alpha chapter are decided upon by the Class of 2019 AΩA student inductees.




Volunteer Clinical Faculty