Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society

The University of Chicago is home to the Illinois Beta Chapter of Alpha Omega Alpha, the national medical honor society. Election to the chapter occurs in the early fall of Pritzker students’ fourth year.

Strong clerkship performance (High Pass or Honors) is a starting point for criterion for selection, but not the only one used to determine election into AΩA. Other qualities noted in the AΩA constitution, such as capacity for leadership, professionalism, a strong sense of ethics, and a commitment to service in the school and community, are also considered, along with outstanding academic performance and achievement in research. Curriculum vitae are provided to the AΩA Selection Committee for these students, who are then considered to be in the top quartile of the class.

"Those students chosen from the top quartile for election are picked not only for their high academic standing, but as well for leadership among their peers, professionalism and a firm sense of ethics, promise of future success in medicine, and a commitment to service in the school and community. By adherence to these criteria it has happened that one or more of the highest ranked students by grade point average have not been elected to the society.” –AΩA Constitution

According to the AΩA constitution, the number selected cannot exceed 1/6 of the graduating class.

Faculty/Resident & Fellow/Alumni Criteria

Once elected, ΑΩΑ Students confer ΑΩΑ membership onto selected alumni, faculty and residents. They select these members based on the following criteria:

  • Resident & Fellow Membership: elected based on continued achievement, promise and leadership qualities;
  • Alumni: eligible ten years or more following graduation and judged on the basis of their achievement to date;
  • Faculty: elected based on their demonstrated commitment to scholarly excellence and medical education;
  • ΑΩΑ Inductees also bestow the annual Volunteer Clinical Faculty Award to recognize a community physician who contributes with distinction to the education and training of clincal students.

For more information, visit the National ΑΩΑ Website.

2017-18 University of Chicago Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society Inductees

Miguel Barajas Erin Mowers, PhD
Brandon Berger Julia Nath
Sonja Boatman Joshua Piche
Annabel Boeke Ellie Proussaloglou
Diana Bouhassira Claire Smith, MFA
Ava Ferguson, MA Jacob Tallman
Brooke Gabster Jeremy Treger, PhD
Curt Ginder Kathleen Wiest
Lukas Matern  

2017-18 Faculty/Resident & Fellow/Alumni Membership

Faculty, Residents, Fellows, and Alumni membership to Pritzker's Alpha Omega Alpha chapter are decided upon by the Class of 2018 AΩA student inductees.