Fourth Year Electives/Selectives

Fourth year students are required to complete 1200 credit units, including a Subinternship (inpatient selective), a month-long Emergency Medicine senior rotation, a selective in the Scientific Basis of Medical Practice, and additional elective experiences.

During subinternships, students assume the role of a houseofficer, which includes direct patient and on-call responsibilities for a minimum of four consecutive weeks at the University of Chicago Medicine or an affiliated hospital.

The Emergency Medicine senior rotation gives students the opportunity to be the first to evaluate patients as part of the Emergency Medicine team, either at the University of Chicago ER or at the NorthShore ER. In addition, all students in the Emergency Medicine rotations have practical experience in NorthShore’s state-of-the art Simulation Center, and also have the option of participating in UCAN (helicopter evacuation) and EMS (ambulance) services.

Scientific Basis of Medical Practice Selectives are designed to challenge students to refresh their understanding of basic science principles after their third year clerkships.

Descriptions of all courses can be found in the Pritzker Course Catalog.

FAQ for Fourth Year Courses and Lottery


Fourth year students participate in a lottery during the spring of their third year to select course choices for the upcoming academic year. Other courses are available through the online registration system. Follow the links below for additional information.