Incoming Students Orientation


June 15, 2018

Grettings from Pritzker!

Since you all last heard from us in the first mailing, we have officially wrapped up our first year of classes, got rolling with research and other summer activities, and started to enjoy the perfection that is Chicago summer. We hope that life has been similarly kind to each of you lately, and that you all are starting to get excited about joining us here shortly. Before you arrive for Orientation on August 2nd, the first chapter in your story here at Pritzker, we wanted to provide you with more information to clue you into what’s coming ahead. In this mailing you will find the following:

  • A letter from Dr. Polonsky, Dean of the Biological Sciences Division about leadership transition at the Prtizker School of Medicine
  • A general schedule for Orientation
  • Information about us!
  • A letter from Dr. James Woodruff, Associate Dean of Students, an important resource for you during your transition to life in Chicago and throughout your medical school career
  • A letter from Dr. Monica Vela and Dr. Valerie Press, the course directors for Health Care Disparities in America: Equity and Advocacy, welcoming you to the course
  • A letter from Dr. Vineet Arora, Assistant Dean for Scholarship and Discovery discussing the longitudinal Scholarship and Discovery Program that begins during your first year at Pritzker
  • A letter from Dr. Wei Wei Lee, Assistant Dean of Students about Wellness at Pritzker
  • Order form for Pritzker apparel from REMEDY, an international health student group

Some important dates to keep in mind:

  • July 1st - Upload Immunization forms into the Compliance Managment  System & Transcript Submission Deadline
  • July 9th - Complete Faces of Pritzker and Orientation Survey's

Free Pre-Orientation Event dates if you're in town and want to get together:

  • July 7th - Bikes N Brunch
  • July 14th - Taste of Chicago
  • July 21st - Picnic/Swimming at the lake on Promontory Point
  • August 1st - Hyde Park Pub Crawl

You will receive your Faces of Pritzker and Orientation survey’s in your inbox in the next few days. Please look out for that email and make sure you’re aware of the deadlines listed above.

That’s all we’ve got for you at this point. As you await your final orientation mailing in mid-July, please continue to check the Orientation Website ( and, most important, relax and enjoy whatever you are up to this summer. In less than two months (and even sooner for our beloved MSTPers), you will be an official Pritzkerite, and we are all looking forward to having you here.

As always, please contact us at with any questions, comments or concerns.

Your 2018 Orientation Co-Chairs,

Ijezie Ikwuezunma
Ryan Judd
Jamila Picart