Licensure and Verification

Congratulations, Graduates! As you begin to prepare for the next phase of your medical career, your residency program may ask you to verify your medical education at Pritzker. Below are the steps you need to take to ensure this will happen.

Students who Matched in the State of Illinois

  1. You will receive a packet of materials from your new program that will contain an "ED-MED" form (i.e. Certification of Education).
  2. Please complete and return to Pritzker - BSLC 104S by May 3, 2019. These need to be processed at least 30 days before graduation.

Students who Matched in another state

  1. You may receive materials from your respective program that includes a certification or verification of your medical education to be completed by your medical school. Please complete and return to Pritzker - Jill Kelly in BSLC 104S or Maureen Okonski in 104Q.
  2. Please note the date the form is due at the licensing board and allow ample time for processing.
  3. Check with your individual program if you are unsure of their requirements.

Graduating MD/PhD Students

If it will take more than seven years for you to complete all three Step Exams for the USMLE, you may be required to provide additional documentation along with the medical education verification form. The PSOM will submit such documentation along with the verification form to the state's licensing agency regarding the extended time.

For more information related to Pritzker and BSD alumni, please visit the Medical & Biological Sciences Alumni Association website.