Pediatrics (6 weeks)


The Pediatrics clerkship is a six week rotation. Three weeks are spent on one or more inpatient units, which could be at Comer Children's Hospital, NorthShore University HealthSystem, or La Rabida Children's Hospital.   Three days are spent in the Mother Baby Unit at the University of Chicago, and the remaining two and a half weeks are spent at an outpatient pediatrics office, some of which are off-site. We will send an electronic survey before the start of the rotation asking for location preferences and will try our best to accommodate them.

Regardless of site, Tuesday or Thursday and one Wednesday afternoon are our main teaching days. We also have an interactive experience at the Smart Museum on observational skills. Depending on the site, students are also invited and expected to take part in our resident morning and noon conferences.

Clinical Evaluation

70 percent of a student’s grade is comprised of their faculty evaluations on the outpatient, inpatient and general care nursery. Attending’s evaluate the student in several areas, including medical knowledge; proficiency in the history and physical exam; history gathering; communication of clinical data; interpersonal communication skills; practice based learning and improvement; inter-professional collaboration; teamwork; health promotion and prevention and professionalism. 25 percent of the grade is based on their performance on the Shelf Exam, and 5 percent of the grade is comprised of their demonstrated professionalism skills including completion of their Procedure encounter log on a timely basis.


  • To learn to perform a pediatric-specific history and physical in both inpatient and outpatient settings for all ages: newborn, toddler, school-age and adolescent.
  • To learn child growth and development from birth through adolescence.
  • To become familiar with working within a family structure with your patients.
  • To learn about the common childhood illnesses and disorders, how to evaluate them, and how to treat them.

Pediatrics Grade

  • Clinical Peformance - 60%
  • NBME Shelf Exam - 25%
  • General Care Nursery - 10%
  • Professionalism - 5%

Recommended Textbooks

There is no one specific assigned textbook, but we do encourage some independent study using a review book in preparation for the end of clerkship Shelf Exam.  We have several recommended articles posted on the MedHub site for students to refer to.  In addition, the students have access to CLIPP (Computer-assisted Learning in Pediatrics Program,, an outstanding online teaching tool that has 30 virtual pediatric cases (12 specific cases are mandatory). Last but perhaps most useful, the pediatric clerkship website ( is a fantastic pooled resource of current literature on a variety of general pediatrics topics you may encounter on the rotation.