Pritzker Wellness Initiative

Mission Statement

Wellness is a journey and not a destination. Medical school can be a challenging part of this journey and it is important for students to develop good habits to prepare for a career in medicine and a full life outside of work. The goal of Pritzker Wellness is to promote and celebrate a culture of wellness. We aim to help students thrive in medical school and beyond with resources and programming to promote physical, social, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. We will encourage students to reflect and make conscious choices to prioritize their health, happiness and overall wellbeing. 

Apple Picking
Pritzker students on a school-wide apple picking trip

Wellness Programming

Pritzker offers skills-based, health, and well-being programming designed to support students’ development as physicians. The Wellness Initiative provides general interventions as well as specific programming focusing on the various stages of medical school.  Our aim is to help students learn how to live balanced lives within the context of medical profession, increase resilience and prevent burnout, and assist students in their personal and professional development.

The Pritzker Wellness Committee

The Wellness Committee is comprised of four elected students from each class that are passionate about improving student well-being at Pritzker. These student leaders works closely with Dr. Wei Wei Lee, Director of Wellness Programs, to identify priorities, plan wellness events, and provide students with resources to stay well during medical school. The Wellness Committee develops a wide range of programs to address the seven facets of wellness and has planned events to address mental health, physical health, spirituality, work-life balance, stress reduction, sleep, and study skills. In addition to these workshops and programs, the committee organizes social activities such as the ‘Beat the Blues’ live band karaoke event, roller skating outings, holiday gift exchanges, music salons, yoga and reiki, spirit week, barbeques, baking competitions, and more!  

Meet the Pritzker Wellness Committee!

Wellness Initiative Grants for Student Events

Pritzker students can apply for small grants to fund events that promote student wellness. Examples of past events include movie nights, Pritzker Thanksgiving, Pi(e) day, dodgeball, Superbowl viewing parties, and more.

Request Funding for a Wellness Initiative Grant

Pritzker Wellness on Social Media

To stay up to date on upcoming wellness activities and events, and to see what faculty and students are doing outside of the medical school curriculum to stay well, Pritzker students are encouraged to “like” the Pritzker Wellness Facebook page.

The Wellness Committee also manages the Humans of Pritzker blog which serves as a creative outlet for students to express themselves throughout their time at Pritzker. 

Wellness Newsletter

The Wellness Committee distributes a monthly newsletter, "The Check-up," which includes student spotlights, Wellness tips, and information about upcoming Wellness events.

The Wellness Resource Center

Our students have access to the Wellness Resource Center, located in the Biological Sciences Learning Center, which provides a selection of snacks, musical instruments, art supplies, and other relaxing items. 

Pritzker Wellness Resources 

University of Chicago Wellness Resources