Research and Other Opportunities

In recognition that classroom and hospital learning is only one aspect of medical education, the Pritzker School of Medicine encourages students to enhance and enrich their traditional education through research experiences, summer externships, international programs, and various conferences and seminars. The links to the left give you just a sampling of the many opportunities available to Pritzker students.

Among these opportunities, the school sponsors the following programs for students interested in research activities:

  • Pritzker Summer Research Program: The University of Chicago is home to 3 NIH-funded Short Term Research Training Programs for Health Professional Students (funded by NIDDK, NHLBI, and NIA) which provide stipend support for students to participate in the 11-week summer research program.
  • Pritzker Fellowships: The Pritzker Fellowship was started in 2008 and provides financial support to select students who choose to pursue a one-year research project, international experience, or community service work. The school supports 1-2 students a year, providing them with a $20,000 a year stipend.
  • Calvin Fentress Fellowships: Fourth year medical students are eligible to apply for the Calvin Fentress Fellowships or the John D. Arnold Fellowships, which provides students with a $1000 stipend to help support their research efforts. Students with doctoral degrees are not eligible to apply. These fellowships are provided to approximately 10-14 students annually.
  • Senior Scientific Session: The Senior Scientific Session is an annual symposium in which graduating seniors who have participated in research present their work. Historically, about 35-40% of each graduating class participates. This event was established by Dr. Leon Jacobson in 1946 and is designed to offer senior medical students a forum for the presentation of their research.
  • Bucksbaum Institute: Rising second-year students are eligible to apply to be a Student Scholar through the Bucksbaum Institute for Clinical Excellence. Students who are selected will engage in structured activities designed to look at issues in doctor-patient communication and clinical decision-making over a three year term (MS2-MS4).

Resources for external funding

Approximately, 3-5 students choose to take a year off from the standard curriculum to pursue a year of extended research, either through sponsored research in the Biological Sciences Division, fellowships secured through external funding sources, or the Pritzker Fellowship Program. Generally, students take time off between their third and fourth year of study or second and third year of studies. For a complete listing of external programs and funding available to students, visit the following links: