Sources of Financial Aid

When packaging aid, we strive to assemble an award at the lowest possible cost to the student. Students are entitled to financial aid up to the cost of the standard student budget. The Office of Financial Aid develops packages based on a combination of institutional loans and scholarships and federal student loans. Private scholarships may be used to offset or replace other forms of financial aid.

Approximately 3/4 of Pritzker Students who receive financial aid assistance are awarded some form of scholarship aid from the Pritzker School of Medicine. The school also provides loans which are low interest rate (0-5%).

Pritzker School of Medicine scholarships are awards that do not require repayment in kind or in service. Fellowship and scholarship monies have been given as gifts to the University by grateful alumni, families of alumni, grateful patients of the University Hospitals, former faculty, and a host of friends of the University and University Hospitals. Much of this fellowship and scholarship fund is awarded for merit or for a particular course of study, and some is awarded based on financial need as part of a financial aid package. Nearly all Pritzker students who have financial need are awarded some University fellowship or scholarship money.

Pritzker School of Medicine loans are often awarded to fill 'need-gap' aid. Alumni, faculty, grateful patients, and friends of the University and University Hospitals have donated this money. Award of these loans is made as part of a financial aid package based on financial need. The interest rate varies depending on the specific loan fund the student is awarded.

Below is additional information about other sources of aid available to our students: