Students as Patients

Faculty Evaluator-Student as Patient Policy

The Pritzker School of Medicine is committed to avoiding any actual or potential conflicts which may arise when a faculty member who has provided sensitive health services to a medical student and is involved in that student’s assessment or promotion. To this end, all medical school faculty are asked to disclose this information and potentially recuse themselves from providing a written assessment of student’s academic performance if they have treated a student as a patient. If faculty are assigned to serve as a preceptor for a student who they have previously treated, they should notify the course or clerkship director to discuss whether or not a reassignment is recommended.

In those cases where the faculty member is the only course director or preceptor for a specialized course of study, the faculty member should tell the student that it is the school’s policy not to assess students who have been patients, and if the student would still like to pursue the course/rotation, the student should notify the Director of Medical School Education and Associate Dean for Medical School Education. All course and clerkship directors participating in the Committee on Academic Promotions, Academic Progress Committees and career advisors involved in the residency advising system must sign a confidentiality agreement to certify that they will recuse themselves from discussions of and assessments of students’ academic performance if they served as that students’ physician.