First Year Electives


The elective requirement for Academic Year 2022-23 has been modified. MS1s (excluding MSTP students) are required to take one Scholarship & Discovery (S&D) elective course in the Spring Quarter. We use a ranked (mini-)lottery process to place students into these courses. The courses that meet this requirement are:

Students selected for Scholars in Oncology-Associated Research (SOAR) will automatically be enrolled in a SOAR course, which does fulfill the S&D selective requirement. SOAR students do not need to take one of the 5 S&D electives above unless you want to take an S&D elective in addition to the SOAR elective (space permitting).

Students in the Summer Research Program (SRP) will automatically be enrolled in the SRP Prep course.

  • Go to to browse courses in other divisions. 
  • While students are able to take courses in another division, either an email confirmation from the instructor or an add/drop form signed by the instructor will be needed to be emailed to Michael McGinty. Please note for AY 22-23: courses taken in other divisions will not count toward the Spring Elective Requirement.
  • Please check with the division offering the course to ensure the course is open to students outside their division. Please be aware that many courses have time requirements that are not conducive to your Pritzker schedule.
  • Registering for business school courses: Chicago Booth School of Business.  This is an updated resource for Non-Booth students taking Booth courses: the newly-revised and updated FAQ section of our website: The FAQ has been updated and expanded to include answers to the most commonly-asked questions from Non-Booth students about taking courses at Booth and now includes sections on prerequisites and faculty permission, registration, and access to online materials, as well as sections specifically for graduating students.


  • SOAR - required
  • S&D selective - optional
  • Anything else - optional
  • SRP Prep - required
  • S&D selective - required
  • Anything else - optional
  • Likely yes, depending on the number of SOAR students. Please email Michael McGinty if you are not a SOAR student but are interested in taking the SOAR elective.

Course selection will be randomized so there is no need to be the first to submit course selection.

Depending on the open seats and prerequisites, you can take a course in another division (see above for further details.)  Please note for AY 22-23: courses taken in other divisions will not count toward the Spring Elective Requirement. Content-focused electives will be uncredited.  Please consider that due to the workload required of the medical school curriculum, the time commitment to one of these courses generally makes it unfeasible.