Health Equity Advocacy and Anti-Racism

Health Equity Advocacy and Anti-Racism is a required course for all first year incoming Pritzker students from August through December to help further their understanding of disparities which exist within the healthcare field. 

The program is led by the Associate Dean for Health Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (HEDI) and utilizes a dynamic approach to addressing this prominent issue. Students attend lectures taught by faculty experts and community leaders from the area and University and spend time visiting Chicago neighborhoods to gain first-hand perspective. Our goal is that Pritzker students leave the class informed of the magnitude of health disparities, prepared to effectively communicate across cultures, and committed to reducing these disparities. For more information, please contact the HEDI office.

In partnership with the Urban Health Initiative, research projects developed during the course have led to free breast and pelvic cancer screenings for uninsured women in the area, and the creation of a food program that provides free meals to low-income families whose children are being treated at the Medical Center.