i2i Grants

The Identity and Inclusion (i2i) Steering Committee develops programming surrounding minoritized identities and inclusion by determining topics deemed relevant to Pritzker’s learning community and training students to cultivate an inclusive and civil culture and future practice as a physician. We have set funds aside for small grants for events created by students to advance these aims.

  1. Requests are due at least two weeks prior to the proposed event.
  2. Events that are funded by an i2i Grant must be advertised on the Pritzker Calendar of Events and on the student listservs. Events must be open to the whole class, multiple classes, or the entire student body. 
  3. Events cannot conflict or interfere with the Pritzker medical curriculum.
  4. The maximum amount of an i2i Grant is $100, and funds cannot be used for the cost of tickets or gas. 

If you have questions, please email Rebecca Silverman.

Student Information

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