Curriculum Review Committees

The Pritzker School of Medicine administration works with faculty, medical students, and residents to review the medical school curriculum, develop a set of recommendations for change, and implement these changes through a structured, consensual process. This process is coordinated through the following separate committees.


The Curriculum and Educational and Policy Committee (CEPC) is responsible for overseeing the entire curriculum. This committee meets quarterly and is composed of leaders from the faculty, student body, and residency programs. The CEPC is responsible for evaluating the effects of curricular change, being alert to redundancies and gaps in the curriculum, and providing the visionary planning of a coherent and coordinated curriculum. The CEPC pays particular attention to the horizontal and vertical integration of the curriculum and transitions from college to medical school and then to postgraduate training.

The Preclinical Curriculum Review Committee (PCRC) is made up of student representatives and course directors for courses taught during the first two years of the four-year curriculum. This committee focuses on individual course reviews and has an increased awareness of material being covered in concurrent courses. The PCRC meets at least quarterly.

The Clinical Curriculum Review Committee (CCRC) consists of student representatives together with course directors for the clinical clerkships and clinical electives. The CCRC meets at least quarterly as a review body to evaluate the clinical clerkships and electives and to implement any needed changes in the clinical experiences.

2022-2023  Student Representatives



Alexandra Beem
Alex Rosencrance
Danielle Gaskin

Ifeoma Ikedionwu
David Fenton
Michelle Verghese
Evan Neczypor

Saara-Anne Azizi
Kevin Chen
Grace Duan
Nikhil Umesh