Meet Our Students

Each year, fourth-year students are selected to serve on Pritzker's Student Admissions Committee. Applicants who visit Pritzker for an interview day will meet one (or more!) of these students during lunch and the campus tour.

Click through the 2017-2018 Student Admissions Committee member profiles below to learn why they chose Pritzker, how they get involved at the medical school (and beyond), and their favorite things about living in Chicago!


Femi Adams

Hometown: Rosemount, MN
Undergraduate Institution: University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Pritzker Activities: Served as the Community Outreach Chair for the Washington Park Free Clinic, Role of Student National Medical Association & MAPS liasion, Health Professions Recruitment Program, Basic Life Skills Instructor and a Peer Educator for Human Body (Anatomy)
S&D Track: Healthcare Delivery Sciences
S&D Mentor & Project: Michael Lee, MD- Examining 1-year reoperation rates as a quality indicator across surgical specialties

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Palmer Greene

Hometown: Atlanta, GA 
Undergraduate Institution: Columbia University
Pre-Pritzker: I worked as a lab tech in a neuroscience lab at NYU for two years.
Pritzker Activities:  Book Club,  Medicine on the Midway Editiorial Committee, Intramural Swimming, South Side Science Scholars, Free clinic volunteering
S&D Track: Scientific Investigation: Basic Sciences
S&D Mentor and Project: Jason Maclean - Analyzing the Motor Cortex Population Code in A Novel Optical Recording Setup

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Balaji Jothishankar

Hometown: Bradenton, FL
Undergraduate Institution: University of Illinois- Urbana Champaign
Pritzker Activities: Health Professions Recruitment and Exposure Group Mentor, Chicago Youth Program Mentor, Washington Park Free Clinic Mentor, Prtizker Undergraduate Mentorship Program Co-Leader, Student Interest Group of Neurology Co-Leader, Dermatology Student Interest Group Leader, Academic Curriculum Co-Advisor, Dermatology Research, Clinical Research Coordinator, Tempus Intern, Intramural Sports
S&D Track: Scientific Investigation: Basic Sciences
S&D Mentor and Project: Farah Abdulla, MD- Genetic Analysis of Mycosis Fungoides

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Melany Lopez

Hometown: Augusta, GA
Undergraduate Institution: Washington University in St. Louis
Pritzker ActivitiesBasic Life Support Program, Pritzker Formal Planning Commitee, Latino Medical Students Association, Pritzker Dance Crew, Intramural Sports, Peer Educator
S&D Track: Medical Education
S&D Mentor and Project: Vineet Arora, MD- The Social Media Editor Role at Medical Journals: Responsibilities, Challenges, and Opportunities, Gender Respresentation in Medical Education Journal Editorial Boards

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Herman Luther

Hometown: Lexington, MA
Undergraduate Institution: Washington University in St. Louis
Pritzker Activities: New Life Volunteering Society, South Side Science Scholars, REMEDYAmerican Association of Physicians of Indian Origin, Basic Life Skills instructor, Orthopaedic Surgery Interest Group, Anatomy, TA
S&D Track: Scientific Investigation: Clinical Research
S&D  Mentor and Project: Douglas Dirschl, MD- ORIF, HA, and THA: A  Detailed Cost Comparison of Surgical, Interventions on Hip Fracture Repairs

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Jackie Nichols

Hometown: Highland Park, IL
Undergraduate Institution: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Pritzker Activities: M4 Chair, DeLee Student Society, Student Representative, Clinical Curriculum Review Committee, Executive Board Member, Pritzker Community Service Fellowship (PCSF), Member of Pritzker Board, New Life Volunteering Society, Mentor, Chicago Youth Program, Volunteer Coordinator, Adolescent Substance Abuse Program
S&D Track: Medical Education
S&D Mentors & Project: M. Lolita Alkureishi, MD- Improving Patient-Centered Technology Use; Studying Advocacy Materials

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Matt Present

Hometown: Rochester, NY
Undergraduate Institution: Northwestern University
Pritzker Actvities: Bucksbaum Student Scholar, Volunteer Coordinator, Health Professions Recruitment and Exposure Group (HPREP)Adolescent Substance Abuse ProgramSouth Side Science Scholars teacher, Chicago Youth Partnership mentor, Editorial Committee member, Medicine on the Midway, REMEDY
S&D Track: Scientific Investigation: Clinical Research
Pre-Pritzker: I took close to a gap decade — 6 years plus a post-bac — before heading to Hyde Park. I spent a year teaching English in Japan, two more writing ad copy at Groupon, and another couple working as an editor at the Chicago Sun-Times. 
S&D Mentor and Project:  Neda Laiteerapong, MD- Access to Diabetes Care in the Era of the ACA

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Patrick Schiller

Hometown: Rockford, IL
Undergraduate Institution: Harvard University
Pritzker Activities: Preclinical and Clinical Curriculum Review Committees, Health Professions Recruitment and Exposure Group (HPREP), Maria Shelter Clinic, Basic Life Support Program, Revisit Planning Committee, Clinical Biennium Planning Committee, PE-ing, intramural sports
S&D Track: Medical Education
S&D Mentors & Project: Christopher Straus, MD- Radiology Education in Medical School and Residency: The Views and Needs of Progams Directors

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