MSTP Alumni Profiles

Since its inception in 1967, the University of Chicago has graduated more than 220 students that have gone on to stellar careers in academic medicine. Our graduates include members of the National Academy of Sciences, chairs of departments, and directors of MSTP programs. Here are a few such standout graduates:

Marcus Boos

MD '10, PhD '08

Seattle Children's Hospital

Assistant Professor: Dermatology, Vascular Anomolies

Patrick Brown

MD'82, PhD'80

Impossible Foods Inc.

Founder & CEO

Stanford University

Professor Emeritus - Department of Biochemistry
Professor of Biochemistry (1988-2013) - Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Raghu Mirmira

MD'93, PhD'91

Department of Pediatrics, Indiana University School of Medicine 

Lilly Foundation Professor in Pediatric Diabetes

Director: Medicial Scientist Training Program
Director: Basic Diabetes Research Group
Professor: Pediatrics, Medicine, And Cellular & Integrative Physiology