MSTP Student Profiles

Meet our current first and second-year students to learn what makes the MSTP at the University of Chicago an excellent place to do your MD/PhD training.

The MSTP at the University of Chicago and the Pritzker School of Medicine strive to recruit diverse students of exceptional promise to become leaders and innovators in science and medicine for the betterment of humanity.

Mary Frith

The University of Chicago has a long history of innovation and creativity in scientific research, and I'm honored to be part of this community!

Hometown: Black Mountain, NC
Undergraduate Institution: Davidson College
Major: Psychology

Hendrik Glauninger

My MSTP classmates are some of the kindest and brightest people I have ever met. I feel very lucky that I get to receive an education in an atmosphere conducive for the development of compassionate physicians.

Hometown: Gießen, Germany
Undergraduate Institution: Indiana University
Major: Biochemistry

Yifei Hu

The MSTP at the University of Chicago is a long-running, nurturing, and well-structured program. In particular, come to us if you value your research experience (especially if you like chemical biology)!

Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Undergraduate Institution: Washington University in St. Louis
Major: Chemistry

Anthony Hung

The University of Chicago is somewhere I feel I can grow both as a physician-scientist and a person.

Hometown:  San Marino, CA
Undergraduate Institution: Duke University
Major: Biology

Megan Kennedy

The MSTP community at University of Chicago has so much to offer, and I can't wait to make this place my home!

Hometown: Palatine, IL
Undergraduate Institution: Princeton University
Major: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Alexis Monical

The MSTP here at University of Chicago has done everything so far to solidify that this is the right place for me. I can't wait to see what the next 8 years has in store, but I know it will be great! 

Hometown: Des Plaines, IL
Undergraduate Institution: Marquette University
Major: Biological Sciences

Sara Saheb Kashaf

At the University of Chicago, there is a rich culture of collaboration that provides the perfect environment for scientific discovery and personal growth.

Hometown: Oak Brook, IL
Undergraduate Institution: Carnegie Mellon University
Major: Chemical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering

Mario Shammas

In the University of Chicago's MSTP, the student is offered independence and a great degree of flexibility, putting the student in the driver seat and really allowing for growth and personal development.

Hometown: Baghdad, Iraq
Undergraduate Institution: University of Michigan
Major: Neuroscience

Sarah Sun

Don't think that your ideas are too unconventional to be pursued. As an MSTP you have the opportunity to bridge such different fields that the tools you have at your disposal are practically limitless.

Hometown: Houston, TX
Undergraduate Institution: Vanderbilt University
Major: Chemistry and Applied Mathematics

Andrew Wang

The defining experience of Pritzker for me has been becoming part of a welcoming community invested in my well-being and success.

Hometown: Ellicott City, Maryland
Undergraduate Institution: University of Chicago
Major: Biochemistry/Chemistry