Andrew Wang

Hometown: Ellicott City, Maryland
Undergraduate Institution: University of Chicago
Major: Biochemistry/Chemistry

Why a Physician Scientist?


Becoming a physician scientist will allow me to combine a passion for asking questions with a desire to ground my curiosity in the tangible and real-world challenges of medicine. Being able to apply the experiences of the clinic to guiding inquiry in the lab is incredibly exciting, as it allows me to possibly be a part of providing hope for future patients even when current medicine has run up on its limitations.

Why is research exciting?


Research gives me an opportunity to think and work at the boundaries of what we know, and challenges me to be creative in how I seek to push out those boundaries a little further. Biomedical research in particular comes with not only the promise of challenge and discovery, but also the hope of changing future patients' experience of care, which is pretty cool.

What is the best part of the Pritzker School of Medicine?


(Disclaimer, I've only been a medical student for ~1.5 months as of writing) I've been impressed by the commitment from faculty and fellow students at Pritzker. From TAs who go above and beyond to care for our academic and overall well-being, to faculty willing to take time out to chat about graduate programs and research, to older students who do thing small and large to help us adjust to medical school, the defining experience of Pritzker for me has been becoming part of a welcoming community invested in our well-being and success.