Anthony Hung

Hometown:  San Marino, CA
Undergraduate Institution: Duke University
Major: Biology

When did you become interested in research?


I was interested in becoming involved in scientific research entering undergrad. I had not had any laboratory experience before entering college but knew that it was something that I wanted to explore, which I did starting my first year. The idea of contributing to our understanding of the world around us while developing important skills was extremely attractive and continues to motivate me in research.

What activities do you like about the MSTP?


I very much enjoy the activities in the MSTP which bring people from different classes together. Being able to speak to and receive advice from others in all levels of training in the program at the annual MSTP retreat, social activities in Hyde Park and downtown, and within Pritzker itself have been extremely valuable and helpful.

What is the best part of the Pritzker School of Medicine?


Pritzker's location within the heart of the University of Chicago's campus is a great advantage, especially for MSTP students. Having access to faculty and students from a broad range of expertise within the University fosters collaboration and exposure to a variety of fields, which are both vitally important for doing impactful research as a graduate student and for physician-scientist training as a whole.