Balaji Jothishankar

Balaji Jothishankar

Hometown: Bradenton, FL

Undergraduate Institution: University of Illinois- Urbana Champaign

Pritzker Activities: Health Professions Recruitment and Exposure Group MentorChicago Youth Program Mentor, Washington Park Free Clinic Mentor, Prtizker Undergraduate Mentorship Program Co-Leader, Student Interest Group of Neurology Co-Leader, Dermatology Student Interest Group Leader, Academic Curriculum Co-Advisor, Dermatology Research, Clinical Research Coordinator, Tempus Intern, Intramural Sports

S&D Track: Scientific Investigation: Basic Sciences

S&D Mentor and Project:  Farah Abdulla, MD- Genetic Analysis of Mycosis Fungoides

Why did you choose to attend Pritzker?

What really stood out to Pritzker was it's community. Pritzker is obviously a great school and has tons of academic resources, but what really stood out to me was how close all the students and faculty were. It seemed to me that everyone knew each other and enjoyed working together. It seemed like a fun and enjoyable environment that would make medical school as easy and enjoyable as possible for me. I have to say that Pritzker has been everything I could have imagined for in a medical school and more. 

What is your favorite thing to do in Chicago or the best thing about living in Chicago?

Chicago is, in my mind, the greatest city in the United States. There is a variety of things to do here ranging from biking along the lakefront to seeing Hamilton at the Chicago Theater. It has a vibrant history and has some decent sports teams to follow. Basically there's something for everyone to do here and it's all a lot cheaper than many of the other major cities in the US.