Brenna Hughes

Brenna Hughes

Hometown: Boston, MA
Undergraduate Institution: Dartmouth College
Post-baccalaureate Institution: Goucher College
Pritzker Activities: Bucksbaum Institute Student Scholar, Wellness Committee, Community Health Clinic, Washington Park Children's Clinic, co-founder of the Women in Medicine Summer Intensive, and research with the South Side Diabetes Project
Pre-Pritzker: I was a consultant in NYC, ran a non-profit teaching kids to swim in the Bahamas, and went to Goucher College for a one-year post baccalaureate program
S&D Track: Healthcare Delivery Sciences (Quality & Safety)
S&D Mentors: Marshall Chin, MD, MPH and Monica Peek, MD, MPH

Tell us about your research experience(s) at UChicago.

My research with the South Side Diabetes project focuses on analyzing the costs and benefits, both financial and qualitative, of participating in a diabetes quality improvement collaborative.

I also have done research that stemmed from my Health Care Disparities Course during first year. The research focuses on ED staff’s current utilization of interpreter resources, the perceived barriers to their use, and their prior training in utilizing these services.

Why did you choose to attend Pritzker?

I chose Pritzker because it seemed like a place where passionate people thrived. On my interview day, it struck me that students not only learned the science of medicine, but also got involved with the local community and dove into larger healthcare system issues. I have to say my experience (both pre-clinical and clinical) has lived up to my expectation and I have not been disappointed in my decision!

What has been your most meaningful clinical experience at Pritzker?

There are so many moments that stand out in my memory, but a few are: when I got to hold an ill infant whose family was not able to visit them in the hospital; when I made a detailed but realistic exercise plan with a diabetic patient that was struggling with her HgbA1C; when I listened to a patient struggling with a manic episode and sat with a family after they received a devastating new diagnosis.

How would you describe your classmates?

Caring, collaborative, real and passionate. At Pritzker your classmates feel more like family than fellow students. Their passion for caring for others is contagious and continually impresses me both in the classroom and on the wards.

What is your favorite thing to do in Chicago or the best thing about living in Chicago?

Hyde Park is wonderful -- it's a small community in a big city. It is not uncommon to run into 3 people I know while walking my dog around the block. I love the neighborhood's small town feel, but also the access to downtown with all the amazing restaurants, theater, and nightlife you could hope for. The lake is also incredible and I think you'd be hard pressed to find a park that's as beautiful as Promontory Point.