Hendrik Glauninger

Hometown: Gießen, Germany
Undergraduate Institution: Indiana University
Major: Biochemistry

Why a Physician Scientist?


Pursuing training as a physician scientist allows me to prepare for a career in which I am able to impact human health in multiple ways: both through direct patient interaction in a clinical setting as well as through basic research potentially leading to future treatments for those in need. 

Why is research exciting?


Most of my life has been dedicated to learning material that was originally discovered by someone else. Research affords me an opportunity to give back and contribute myself by uncovering novel pieces of information. Additionally, I am fascinated by understanding how life works at a molecular level.

What is the best part of the Pritzker School of Medicine?


The best part of Pritzker is undoubtedly the culture. I have felt welcomed since the day I first interviewed and am looking forward to it being my home for the next 8 years.