Herman Luther

Herman Luther

Hometown: Lexington, MA

Undergraduate Institution: Washington University in St. Louis

Pritzker Activities: New Life Volunteering SocietySouth Side Science ScholarsREMEDYAmerican Association of Physicians of Indian Origin, Basic Life Skills instructor, Orthopaedic Surgery Interest Group, Anatomy, TA

S&D Track: Scientific Investigation: Clinical Research

S&D  Mentor and Project: Douglas Dirschl, MD- ORIF, HA, and THA: A  Detailed Cost Comparison of Surgical, Interventions on Hip Fracture Repairs

Why did you choose to attend Pritzker?

Beyond the excellent curriculum, novel research, and access to renowned physicians and researchers, there is one aspect of the school stood out to me most: the people!! From interview day to revisit and all the interactions with students and faculty in between, I felt an overwhelming sense of inclusivity and dedication to the wellbeing of every student. 

What have been your most meaningful clinical experiences as a Pritzker student?

Volunteering at the free clinics throughout my time at Pritzker has been incredibly rewarding and humbling. Not only is it a great way to apply the knowledge I gained from the preclinical curriculum and clinical rotations in a community setting, but it is also offered me a window into the challenges that many patients face while trying to navigate our current healthcare system. 

What do you think about diversity & inclusion at Pritzker?

Even though my graduating class at Pritzker is a fraction of the size of the classes I was a part of in high school and college, it is by far the most diverse. Some of my closest friends come from backgrounds I could never imagine leading to medicine – accomplished musicians, international relief workers, public school teachers etc. – while others have already completed doctorate degrees, pursued careers at the NIH, and worked in Nursing or Physical Therapy. Despite the range of backgrounds and experiences that is present in every class, there is an overwhelming sense of inclusivity (like our group text with all 88 of us) and camaraderie that can be felt throughout our tenure at Pritzker, and a real desire to help everyone in the class succeed.

What is your favorite thing to do in Chicago or the best thing about living in Chicago?

I've recently become a self-proclaimed dessert connoisseur and am in the midst of touring Chicago's best donut and ice cream spots to find a winner. Suggestions are always welcome!