Karla Garcia-Huerta

Karla Garcia-Huerta

Hometown: Cary, NC
Undergraduate Institution: University of Notre Dame
Pritzker Activities: Washington Park Children's Free Clinic, Community Health Clinic, Student Admissions Committee, LMSA, SNMA, REMEDY, SAMS
Pre-Pritzker: I was a middle school science and math teacher in Fort Worth, TX
S&D Track: Scientific Investigation: Social Sciences
S&D Mentor and Project: Kate Keenan, PhD; Development of an empirically-based preventive intervention for depression in pre-adolescent African American girls

Why did you choose to attend Pritzker?

The people! I had such a wonderful time meeting all of the faculty, staff, and students during my interview and Revisit. Everyone was so well-rounded, down-to-earth, and caring--I could just tell that it was a true community. This, combined with the incredible opportunities for research, teaching, and service that Pritzker provides, convinced me that it is the perfect place for me. I have had no regrets ever since!

Who has been an important mentor of yours during your time at Pritzker?

Dr. Marcangelo. He truly cares so much about all of his students and will do anything to help you succeed. He has helped me so much throughout my three years here by meeting with me multiple times to discuss psychiatry, clerkships, residency applications, research, etc. He even set up a third year elective in child psychiatry so that I could be exposed to the field and see whether pediatrics vs. psychiatry is for me.

What is your favorite thing to do in Chicago or the best thing about living in Chicago?

There is just so much to do! There are always new restaurants to try, festivals to go to, new bars to go try out, music, comedy shows, etc. If you're bored in Chicago, you're doing something wrong.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I love yoga and try to go to classes as much as possible. I also love to eat and try new restaurants--which is easy in Chicago with so many amazing places to go! I also love to play with my new puppy, Patrick.