Megan Kennedy

Hometown: Palatine, IL
Undergraduate Institution: Princeton University
Major: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Why a Physician Scientist?

Both clinical medicine and research utilize a lot of creativity and critical thinking, but they bring such wonderfully complementary approaches to the problem of helping people to live better and healthier lives. Doing both will allow me to advance human health both on an individual person-to-person basis as a clinician, and on a much broader scale as a researcher.

When did you become interested in research?

During my junior year of undergrad I did a bunch of field work abroad in Panama, and I realized how fun and rewarding it was to go through the creative process of finding a novel question, thinking about how to answer that question, and actually trying (and failing, and trying again) to produce the data that can give insights into those answers.

Why is research exciting? 

There has already been so much knowledge produced by the world - google almost anything, and somebody has already done it or made it or thought it before. But research brings a structured method to approaching the boundaries of human knowledge and pushing it forward. That's pretty awesome.

What activities do you like within the MSTP? 

Getting to hear from students at different stages of the program is always really exciting and interesting.

What is the best part of the Pritzker School of Medicine? 

I love how much Pritzker students care about about the Chicago community - having a strongly service-oriented cohort was really important to me in my med school search, and Pritzker really stood out to me for both its institutional- and student-driven commitment to serving the community in which we sit.