Melany Lopez

Melany Lopez

Hometown: Augusta, GA

Undergraduate Institution: Washington University in St. Louis

Pritzker Activities: Basic Life Support Program, Pritzker Formal Planning Commitee, Latino Medical Students Association, Pritzker Dance Crew, Intramural Sports, Peer Educator

S&D Track: Medical Education

S&D Mentor and Project: Vineet Arora, MD- The Social Media Editor Role at Medical Journals: Responsibilities, Challenges, and Opportunities, Gender Respresentation in Medical Education Journal Editorial Boards

Tell us about your research experience at UChicago.

I started my research experience in my first year by planning a social media project, and prior to the start of SRP, Dr. Arora took me under her wing and became my mentor since my original mentor had left the University of Chicago. She taught me how to code for qualitative research, and together, we worked on the project throughout SRP, S&D, and my second and third years, and the paper we wrote was recently accepted for publication.

Why did you choose to attend Pritzker?

100% I chose it because of the people. There is a sense of community and family here that I did not feel or find elsewhere.

What is your favorite thing to do in Chicago?

Best thing about living is Chicago is ALL of the opportunities! If you want art, theater, excellent food, anything! Chicago almost certainly has it. The options are endless, and it's an incredible experience to live in a city teeming with so many possibilities.