Miguel Barajas

Hometown: Cicero, IL & Bolingbrook, IL

Undergraduate Institution: Loyola University

Pre-Pritzker: Research Assistant

Pritzker Activities: Latino Medical Students AssociationPhysicians for a National Health Program, Community Health ClinicHPREPPSOMER

S&D Track: Scientific Investigation: Basic Sciences

S&D Mentor and Project: Peggy Mason, PhD -  "Mechanisms of Emotional Contagion in Rats"

Why did you choose to attend Pritzker?

The people here seemed very down-to-earth and genuinely friendly. I also saw evidence that Pritzker was a place that cared about the poor and underserved.

What have been your most meaningful clinical experiences as a Pritzker student?

I fell in love with pediatrics during my inpatient peds rotation. I loved the medicine, the patients and families, as well as the pediatric hospital environment of Comer. All the hard work and years of schooling felt completely validated as I had the privilege of learning from and taking care of those kids.

What do you think about diversity & inclusion at Pritzker?

Just about everyone at Pritzker--from the highest levels of leadership to the classmates sitting next to you in class--has an understanding of the value of diversity. The school creates a very welcoming environment from the day you step foot on campus as a first-year. The school also goes out of its way to make sure that students are respected within the medical center.

Who has been an important mentor of yours during your time at Pritzker?

Our Dean of Students, Jim Woodruff, MD. He is an incredible role model and dedicates himself wholeheartedly to his students. He will talk to you about professionalism, medicine, his fruit orchards, or any other topic with equal enthusiasm and expertise.

What is your favorite thing to do in Chicago or the best thing about living in Chicago?

One of my absolute favorite things about the city is actually quite simple: there is nothing like a lakefront run. The openness and views of the downtown are incredible.