Patrick Schiller

Patrick Schiller

Hometown: Rockford, IL

Undergraduate Institution: Harvard University

Pritzker Activities: Preclinical and Clinical Curriculum Review Committees, Health Professions Recruitment and Exposure Group (HPREP)Maria Shelter ClinicBasic Life Support Program, Revisit Planning Committee, Clinical Biennium Planning Committee, PE-ing, intramural sports

S&D Track: Medical Education

S&D Mentors & Project: Christopher Straus, MD- Radiology Education in Medical School and Residency: The Views and Needs of Progams Directors

Tell us about your research experience(s) at UChicago.

Pritzker makes it incredibly easy to get involved with research. Administration pointed me towards a potential mentor after discussing my goals and interests, and I've been with him ever since. With their support, I've been able to find time to pursue my interests in medical education and institutional improvements, culminating in presentations at national conferences and publications in peer-reviewed journals.

How would you describe your classmates?

Dedicated to following their passions. They are all brilliant and talented, and it's clear that Pritzker prizes having students with diverse and varied experiences and skills. I'm forever surprised by what my classmates have accomplished prior to medical school, and impressed by how they continue to pursue their interests as well as their clinical training.

What is the best thing about living in Chicago?

Exploring the food scene, spontaneously catching a game at Wrigley or G-Rate Field, walking tours of architecture or parks or neighborhoods, admiring the lake and skyline--I could go on!