Q. Does the MeSH program require any applications in addition to the Pritzker School of Medicine MSTP-MeSH application?

A. Yes. MeSH applicants must apply both for admission to the Pritzker School of Medicine using the MD/MSTP-MeSH application and to the University of Chicago PhD programs in which they are interested in obtaining their PhD. Students applying to the Department of Public Health Sciences do not need to submit a separate PhD application if they wish to be considered for admission solely through MSTP and the ISTP graduate program. Students who also wish to be considered by the MeSH program should submit a separate application to the Department of Public Health Sciences. 

Applicants apply to the Pritzker School of Medicine through the online AMCAS system

Q: Which PhD programs can I apply to for MeSH?

A. Prospective MeSH students are welcome to apply to any PhD program in the Social Sciences or Humanities Divisions. Applicants may also apply to the Department of Public Health Sciences in the Biological Sciences Division or to one of the following professional schools: Booth School of Business, Divinity School, Harris School of Public Policy, or School of Social Service Administration. 

Students interested in the quantitative social sciences and/or the study of aging are strongly encouraged to apply. Common PhD programs of MeSH students are listed here. 

Q: Can I apply to more than one PhD program?

A: Absolutely. In fact, if more than one PhD program seems to be relevant to your interests, you are encouraged to apply to multiple PhD programs. This may improve your chances of acceptance to a PhD program and will provide more opportunities to receive a desirable financial aid package for your PhD studies. If you apply to more than one PhD program, please list all the PhD programs to which you are applying in the space provided on the MeSH supplemental application.

Q: Will I have to take an additional standardized test?

A: Almost certainly. Most PhD programs in the social sciences require submission of GRE scores. Applicants need to check the application requirements of the University graduate programs to which they plan to apply.

Q: What recommendation letters should I submit?

A: For your Pritzker Secondary Application, you should submit recommendation letters according to the MSTP guidelines. This means you should submit letters (no more than 3) from individuals familiar with your research. You can submit up to six letters total. Please note that you will also have to submit letters with your PhD program applications. 

Q. Can I apply to MeSH after I've started school at the Pritzker School of Medicine?

A. You may apply to the MeSH National Track program if you have already started your training at the Pritzker School of Medicine. 

Q: Can I apply to both MeSH and MSTP?

A: Yes. MSTP and MeSH candidates submit the same materials through the Pritzker Secondary Application. The main difference in the application process is that prospective MeSH students applying to PhD programs in the social sciences, humanities, or related professional schools must submit separate applications to these PhD programs. Once your application is complete, the MD, MSTP, and MeSH admissions committees will all review your application. You may be invited to interview for MSTP, MeSH, or both. 

Q. What is the normal sequence of study for MeSH students?

A: Most MeSH students begin with 2 years of graduate school and then complete 3 years of medical school. Then, students return to their graduate training to complete their PhD before finishing their last year of medical school. The total number of years it takes to graduate from the MeSH program with both an MD and a PhD varies by PhD program.