Gross Anatomy Reboot

by Gretchen Rubin

This article was originally featured in the Fall 2016 Medicine on the Midway

It’s the first day of the third module — the abdomen — and there’s only one Netter’s and one Gray’s open in the gross anatomy lab.

“I looked at them to prepare for today’s class,” lab manager Richard Madden, PhD, says with a laugh. “I use the textbooks. The students don’t.”

Postdoctoral fellow Michael Granatosky, PhD, gives medical students a lesson in radiological imaging and anatomy in our updated gross anatomy lab

Instead of referencing the venerable manuals used for generations, members of the Pritzker Class of 2020 can quickly access a customized dissector, an atlas of anatomy, lectures, histology slides and medical imaging, all on wall-mounted screens and tablets.

“Today’s students search the universe for anything to help them learn,” Madden said. “And what’s remarkable is how fully engaged they still are."

First-year students Natalia Khosla, left, and Sabrina Lichon study an image on an iPad. Tablets enable students to zoom in on the same image shown on flat-screen monitors overhead.

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