The 2024 Match

The University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine on Friday announced the successful placement of 91 graduating students into residency training positions via the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP), SF Match, and Military Match.

The Pritzker Class of 2024 gathered alongside friends, family, career advisors, faculty, and staff for Match Day 2024 on the University of Chicago campus Friday morning, opening their Match envelopes together at the nationally synchronized 11 a.m. CST release time. The occasion represented not only a milestone in the students’ journey to careers in medicine but also a watershed moment for a class that began medical school at the height of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

“Everyone at Pritzker is so proud of the way this class of students has supported each other and the South Side community throughout their time in medical school,” said Vineet Arora, MD, Dean for Medical Education at Pritzker. “After rising to the occasion at what was perhaps the most challenging time ever to begin medical training, these students certainly earned this moment.

“We have no doubt each of them will go on to deeply impact the communities they serve in residency and beyond.”

Pritzker’s match results spanned the nation, including 20 states from New York to California, and 12 soon-to-be graduates (13 percent) matched at the University of Chicago Medical Center to continue their training in Hyde Park.

Among the other institutions welcoming the most Pritzker students for residency were the University of California System (9), Northwestern University (7), and Harvard University (6). In total, Pritzker’s graduates will train across 39 different institutions and hospitals.

Internal Medicine remained the most popular specialty among Pritzker students, representing 24 percent of the Match class. Anesthesiology followed at 14 percent of the class, and Family Medicine (12 percent), General Surgery (7 percent), and Psychiatry (7 percent) rounded out the top five. Primary care specialties accounted for 43 percent of the Match class while 20 percent of the class will train in surgical subspecialties.

With their next stops determined, Pritzker’s fourth-year students will finish their undergraduate medical training over the next two months and graduate at the Divisional Academic Ceremony on May 24.

View the full, anonymized list of 2024 Match results here

The hospitals accepting the most Pritzker students to their categorical and advanced programs were:

  Institution # of Students
1. University of Chicago


2. University of California system 9
3. Northwestern University 7
4. Harvard University 6
5. New York Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University 5
  University of Illinois College of Medicine 5
  Washington University in St. Louis 5

Geographic Destinations, Class of 2024: 

Most Popular Specialties:

  Specialty # of Students %
1. Internal Medicine 22 24%
2. Anesthesiology 13 14%
3. Family Medicine 11 12%
4. General Surgery 6 7%
  Psychiatry 6 7%