A Photo Shoot with the South Side's Littlest Scientists

The South Side Science Scholars (S4) student group is committed to creating and delivering a sustainable weekly afterschool science program to under-served Chicago grade schools, particularly those of the South Side. Pritzker students in the group aspire to positively impact children's scientific thinking, elements of health education, communication skills, and enthusiasm for science. Below are some photographs from the grade school participants' recent trip to campus.

Paige-Ashley Campbell, MS1, demonstrating the various openings of the skull to Brian Stallion (Senior Scientist) and Khalil Garnett (Science Scholar) during the S4 field trip to the University of Chicago’s campus. The “Senior Scientist” role is a new addition to this year’s program: a former Science Scholar acts as a Teaching Assistant to the medical students, taking on responsibility for organizing and assisting for each lesson. Brian became instrumental to each lesson by the end of the program.

Each student receives an award for their participation – individualized to their particular contribution in each lesson. The program also gives each student a graduation gift, consisting of some University of Chicago apparel. At right, Christian Poor (3rd grade Science Scholar) rocked the sunglasses for most of the day.

Students here seen by the Botany Pond. The South Side Science Scholars end-of-year field trip begins with a tour of the University of Chicago campus. Many of our students knew that the campus was close by, but had never visited.