Pritzker Faculty Win Distinguished Faculty Awards

In late June, Kenneth S. Polonsky, MD, Dean of the Biological Sciences Division (BSD) and the Pritzker School of Medicine and EVP for Medical Affairs, invited members of the BSD community to honor this year’s Distinguished Faculty Award winners. Selected by the Faculty Advisory Committee, these awards recognize BSD faculty for “their contributions to our collective missions of excellence in education, research, diversity and inclusion, program innovation, service to the community and patient care.” Current BSD faculty can nominate and be nominated for each of the seven awards.

Among the 2017 winners are three faculty members who belong to the Pritzker community and contribute significantly to the medical school’s initiatives: Monica Vela, MD’93, Lolita Alcocer Alkureishi, MD, and Edward Garrity, MD.

Dr. Vela, Professor of Medicine and Associate Dean for Multicultural Affairs, was named a Distinguished Leader in Diversity and Inclusion for her work both as the Director of Pritzker’s Bowman Society and her participation as a member of the Steering Committee of the BSD’s larger Diversity & Inclusion Team. Additionally, Dr. Vela is the Vice Chair of Diversity for the Department of Medicine, and is currently chairing the Trainee Subcommittee. Under her leadership, these efforts have provided support and career development to individuals at all levels of training and have brought the University community together to focus attention on scholarship that is important to the health care of minority communities. Her work has supported multicultural diversity in the BSD, and we are proud that she has been recognized with a Distinguished Faculty Award.

Dr. Alkureishi, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, won the Clinical Sciences Award for being a Distinguished Educator and Mentor. In her role as the Co-Clerkship Director for Pediatrics, Dr. Alkureishi has worked with countless Pritzker students during some of their first clinical encounters in the hospital, and she has left an indelible mark on their education and development as physicians.

Dr. Garrity, Professor of Medicine, won a Distinguished Clinician Award. As the Chair of one of Pritzker’s four Admissions Committees, Dr. Garrity has been influential in our admissions process for a number of years and has helped Pritzker achieve its mission of “inspiring diverse students of exceptional promise” who have made indelible contributions to our scholarly work, our educational mission, and our community.

Congratulations, faculty members!