Pritzker Students win 2019 Volunteer Award

Over the past year, the UCM Office of Community Relations has been impressed with our students in their service to our community and their dedication to volunteerism. Therefore, they chose the Pritzker student body as the winners of the 2019 Volunteer Award.

Our Pritzker Chiefs Julia Baird and Nora Taranto, as well as Dr. Woodruff, were at the annual ceremony and accepted the award on behalf of the student body. The plaque will be hung in the BSLC Pritzker suite.

Dr. Brukner wants to thank all of our students for living up to the Pritzker mission of “becoming leaders and innovators in science and medicine for the benefit of humanity.” She wrote, "I am privileged to be a part of a community where service is pursued not as an accolade, but as a calling. I know that our university, our patients, and our community are richer because of your efforts and commitment."