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Graduate Research Opportunities

The University of Chicago is internationally known as the “teacher of teachers” and is firmly committed to scholarship of the highest order. Researchers at the University have made numerous fundamental discoveries including identifying REM sleep, discovering erythropoietin, and proving that chromosomal translocations can cause cancer. Eighty-five recipients of the Nobel Prize have been associated with the University including thirteen since 1979. The MSTP fully capitalizes on this rich intellectual environment to provide its trainees with outstanding opportunities for an education in the sciences. Most MSTP trainees do their research within the Division of Biological Sciences which has twenty-one highly regarded degree-granting programs in areas including genetics, molecular biology, neurosciences, immunology, microbiology, cancer biology, and evolutionary biology. Areas of specialization available through the Division of Physical Sciences include chemistry and physics.

For students interested in the interface between medicine and society, UChicago also offers an MD/PhD program  in Medicine, Social Sciences, and Humanities, which provides educational opportunities in anthropology, economics, public policy, and philosophy. You can find information about the MeSH Program here.


U.S. citizens and permanent residents qualify for the federally funded National Research Service Award by the National Institutes of Health through the Center of the National General Medical Sciences. MSTP trainees can receive up to six years of NIH  support. Matriculants in the MSTP receive support for the four years of medical studies and up to four years of Ph.D. studies.  Support for any additional years needed to complete the Ph.D. is typically negotiated through the advisor’s research grants.  Support is conditional upon satisfactory progress in the program.  The award includes full tuition, health and insurance fees, and a stipend for the year beginning in the summer quarter.  

APSA Membership

The University of Chicago's MD/PhD students received complimentary membership in the American Physician Scientists Association (APSA) due to an institutional membership. Participation in the APSA allows our students to connect nationally and to interact with other physician-scientist trainees across the country.