Application Procedure

Application Procedure

Prospective students must submit separate applications to both MSTP-MeSH at the Pritzker School of Medicine and to any PhD programs of interest. Applicants should also review the MeSH FAQ page before applying. 

MeSH Admissions Timeline

AMCAS Filing June 1 - October 15, 2018
AMCAS Deadline October 15, 2018
Secondary Application Deadline

Priority Consideration Deadline:
November 1, 2018

Final Deadline:
December 1, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. (CST)

PhD Program Application Deadlines varies by PhD program
Letters of Recommendation Postmark Deadline December 1, 2018

MSTP-MeSH Interview Dates

September 2018 - January 2019

Acceptance Notification January - March 2019
Acceptance Response Deadline varies by PhD program

Pritzker School of Medicine Applications

1. AMCAS Application

The Pritzker School of Medicine utilizes the online American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS). When completing the AMCAS application, MeSH applicants should 1) select the "Combined Medical Degree/PhD" program type, and 2) select "Other" under combined degree area(s). MD-PhD applicants have to fill out two additional AMCAS essays: 1) Stating their reasons for wishing to pursue the combined MD/PhD, and 2) Listing significant research experience.

2. Pritzker Secondary Application

Every student who submits an application through AMCAS will receive a Pritzker School of Medicine secondary application by email. When completing this application, MeSH applicants should select the MSTP-MeSH application type at the beginning of the application and fill out the corresponding MSTP-MeSH application. Please note that this form will ask the applicant to specify one or more University of Chicago PhD programs to which the applicant is applying. For additional information about the Secondary Application, please visit the Pritzker School of Medicine Admissions Process page. 

We recommend that prospective MeSH students submit all Pritzker Secondary application materials early in the application process and no later than December 1, 2018. If you are submitting your application after this date, of if your AMCAS verification is not complete, please notify MeSH program administrator Kelsey Bogue.

3. Postmark Letters of Recommendation

As an MeSH applicant, you should be prepared with six letters of recommendation: 3 letters in support of your MD degree application and 3 additional letters supporting your PhD application. MD letters should be uploaded to AMCAS, while PhD letters should be sent to your PhD program of interest directly. For additional information about MD letters, please visit the Letters of Recommendation Tips. For questions about letters of recommendation for the PhD program, please contact your program of interest directly. You can also view more information about PhD letters of recommendation on the Social Sciences and Humanities division websites.

PhD Program Applications

Applicants may apply to one or more PhD program(s) related to the social sciences or humanities. Suggested PhD programs for MeSH students are listed here. Please note that the majority of PhD programs in the Humanities and Social Sciences require that students take the GRE in addition to the MCAT.

MeSH applicants must submit separate applications to any PhD programs of interest. Students applying to the Department of Public Health Sciences do not need to submit a separate PhD application if they wish to be considered for admission solely through MSTP and the ISTP graduate program. Students who also wish to be considered by the MeSH program should submit a separate application to the Department of Public Health Sciences. 

Application deadlines vary based on PhD program. Applicants should visit the individual program websites for application instructions and deadlines. 


MeSH applicants will be screened by the MD, MSTP, and MeSH admissions committees. If favorably reviewed by the admissions committees, the applicant will be invited for an interview. 

Some candidates have research interests that may make them a good fit for both MSTP and MeSH. These applicants will be invited by MSTP for two-day interviews. MD interviews are typically conducted on Tuesdays, and MSTP/MeSH interviews will be conducted on Wednesdays. Applicants who are invited by MSTP must be available to interview on both days but may receive some funds to support travel to and from the interview.

Other applicants will be invited to interview with MeSH only. These candidates will conduct Pritzker and MeSH interviews on the same day. Unfortunately, MeSH is not able to provide any funds to support travel to and from the interview.


Candidates must gain admissions to both the medical school and a PhD program to be a part of MeSH. For most candidates, decisions will be made in February or March. Accepted students will receive information about tuition and stipend support in their admissions letters.