Medical Cellular Biology & Genetics

The Medical Cellular Biology & Genetics course is the second component of the Scientific Foundations of Medicine curriculum in Years 1 and 2. The course is co-taught by two faculty members: Dr. Darrel Waggoner and Dr.  Nikolai Dulin. The course covers these areas by using clinical cases to illuminate the material. Students become active participants in the learning process by working in small groups to unravel and understand the basic science behind these clinical cases.  The course includes the following topics: gene expression, signal transduction, cell cycle regulation, organization of cytoplasm, membrane traffic and cell motility, protein structure and function, energy production and utilization, and intermediary metabolism. Basic genetic concepts and the role of genes in disease processes and susceptibilities incidence and broad spectrum of human genetic disease, the importance of taking a family history, and the procedures used for diagnosing genetic diseases.

When: October 22, 2018-December 11, 2018

The course meets five mornings per week for lecture, small group discussion, and workshops.