Tamari Miller

Hometown: Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Undergraduate Institution: University of Chicago

Pre-Pritzker: Muscular Dystrophy Research

Pritzker Activities: REMEDY, Community Health Clinic, Washington Park Pediatric Clinic, Pritzker-UCIHP Medical Preparation

S&D Track: Scientific Investigation: Clinical Research

S&D Mentor and Project: Daniel Ginat, MD  - "Using CT Texture Analysis to Predict Treatment Outcome of HPV-Po"

Why did you choose to attend Pritzker?

As a former college student at UChicago, I had access to working with some of the faculty at Pritzker. I was amazed at the investment that they made in my professional development through mentorship and was reassured that I will be able to find that level of strong interest in mentorship as a medical student at the school.

What do you think about diversity & inclusion at Pritzker?

I cannot claim to know what diversity looks like at other medical schools. However, Pritzker has to be the national leader in diversity and inclusion. I continue to be amazed at the level of engagement of the Pritzker administration with students from underrepresented populations and support for our interests.

What is your favorite thing to do in Chicago or the best thing about living in Chicago?

My favorite thing to do is bike from Hyde Park to downtown along the lakefront - A refreshing combination of leisure and exercise. The best thing about Chicago is the summer when it's green and bright and conducive to biking with everyone out enjoying the beautiful weather.