Areas of Study

MeSH Areas of Study

Students interested in MeSH may pursue a doctoral degree among any of the graduate programs relevant to the social sciences and humanities at the University of Chicago. Some common choices of current MeSH students and recent graduates are listed below:

Professional Schools

Social Sciences Division

Biological Sciences Division

Priority in admissions is given to those applicants who seek a PhD in a discipline that emphasizes quantitative research methods and to those applicants interested in studying aging.  However, the MeSH Program is open to trainees in any social science or humanities discipline. Applicants who seek a PhD in a discipline that emphasizes qualitative research methods are advised to describe a quantitative element of their proposed training program to be considered for National Institute on Aging (NIA) funding.

Apply to MeSH

MeSH applicants must submit separate applications to medical school and to any PhD programs of interest. Students applying to the Department of Public Health Sciences do not need to submit a separate PhD application if they wish to be considered for admission solely through MSTP and the ISTP graduate program. Students who also wish to be considered by the MeSH program should submit a separate application to the Department of Public Health Sciences. 

Learn more about the MeSH admissions process here.