Clinical Skills 2A and 2B

Clinical Skills 2A & 2 B: Like CPP&T, Clinical Skills 2A & 2B (Physical Diagnosis) meets for 1.5 quarters. The course introduces students to the technical skills of physical diagnosis (PD). Aspects of the course common to all groups begin with lectures, scheduled Tuesday and Thursday. The need for this to be personalized to each student's level of experience requires small group settings. All students are assigned to fourth year medical students who meet once per week in the University of Chicago Hospitals. Students are required to write up patients seen, usually taking one to three hours to complete. All students also attend additional evening sessions scheduled throughout the two-quarter sequence. These sessions allow small groups to assemble to cover topics like the gynecological exam, the ophthalmologic exam, rheumatology, etc. Workshops on cultural competencies, geriatrics, and advanced communication topics are also included in the course.

Evaluation includes a written review of systems, a complete physical exam on a child, a healthy adult, a standardized patient, and performance of an oral patient presentation.